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Welcome to The Keto Table. This is Elise Jones & Team. We are here to provide you tasty and healthy ketogenic meals and diet plans that will give you a lively energy and a happy mood, all in one easy to use website. Having experience of over 5 years in this health and fitness industry, we've come across so many individuals who have followed several meal plans but their body's still not able to find the right diet or the right diet routine that make them lose weight in spite of exercising regularly and following a strict diet.

Everyone has a different type of body, right? Each and every diet plan is worth it, but for most of the individuals that's not the truth. The weight loss industry is filled with so many gurus who provide irrelevant knowledge and lure people with stupid and most common advises and later to redirect them on a product which is super highly priced and also not worth it.

They'll tell you to be in a caloric deficit diet and lift weights/do cardio, and when you don't lose weight in spite of their fake coaching they'll say, "Sera, your body's metabolism is too slow." But that's not the case, to every human being on this planet, the root cause to not lose weight in spite of exercising and dieting is the metabolism of their stomach gut micro biome, that's why We mostly talk about following some sort of diet routine for different individuals, and the keto diet fits in all criteria.

Hence, We decided to make this website and share our valuable and free knowledge on the internet by providing you the best articles and products to achieve the dream body that you've always wanted.